A Glimmer of God

A Glimmer of God

Keith Tyson Keith Tyson October 05, 2017 0 comments

Four days have passed since I woke to the news of a mass shooting in Las Vegas, and I still have no words. I think that is normal. I think that we are numb as a human race to think that these things happen seemingly with increasing frequency.

Massacres and other similar terroristic events horrify us for many reasons, but three big reasons are: 1) they are indeed horrific, and 2) they offend our sense that life is sacred and we have no right to take it, and 3) they confirm the fallenness of this race from God’s original design. On the other hand, and despite that fallenness, these tragedies reveal a glimmer of the image of the Creator found in all humans, save the most pathological.

That is why, amid the growing chorus of finger pointing and posturing for and against American gun culture, there has been a much louder and more satisfying story coming out of Las Vegas. The story includes reports of people actually laying down their lives for others as the bullets rained down on a concert crowd who had no idea where the shooting was coming from. And pictures of thousands of people waiting in line for hours and hours to donate blood to replenish supplies depleted by the fact that over 500 were injured by the mad man. And people bringing food and drink to those same people waiting in blood donation lines.

Amid the national grief and questioning, it does a heart good to know there are such good-hearted people. It’s interesting how the worst of humankind brings forth the best of humankind. Our Maker has placed a spark in everyone, and it often fans to flame in times like this – if only those who don’t personally know that Maker would realize His plans for them and then they would find true joy and hope in dark times.

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