The Right Place At The Wrong Time

The Right Place At The Wrong Time

Keith Tyson Keith Tyson October 24, 2017 1 comments

I been in the right place, but it must have been the wrong time

I'd of said the right thing, but I must have used the wrong line

I been in the right trip, but I must have used the wrong car

My head was in a bad place, and I'm wondering what it's good for

Such were the words by New Orleans singer Dr. John that came to mind last week in a blast from the past from my teenage years. I was at a Pastor’s Appreciation Month breakfast and the speaker for the morning shared a story to make his point. His story was much longer, so in the interest of brevity I’ll condense it. He told of how when he was a teenager he and a friend attended an event in a neighboring community. It being an unfamiliar town was the factor that ended with him causing an accident by driving the wrong way on a one-way street as he left the event. His point was that he was on the right road, he was just going in the wrong direction; and that is how so many pastors are as they stretch themselves in ministry without the proper soul-care they desperately need.

It occurred to me that it’s not just pastors to whom this happens. Everyone needs soul-care. But all too often we get going too fast to take the proper steps needed to finish well. We too, are on the right road, ministering to others or serving on that board, but we find ourselves far from what the Bible calls the “Sabbath Rest” we so desperately need. After a while we end up like Dr. John having our head in the wrong place and wondering what it’s good for.

Let’s get on the right road. Make sure your soul is cared for. Take time each day to spend time in God’s Word and in prayer. As you take the time to do so you will be in a better mind to say yes to the things you should say yes to and say no to the thing things you should say no to. One person cannot do everything. The right thing might be the wrong thing for you – don’t crash because you were at the “right” place at the wrong time.


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