What Side Are You On?

What Side Are You On?

Lori Lower April 06, 2018 0 comments

You may be familiar with the term, “Worship Wars.” You know – where one group of people likes only hymns and the other side, only contemporary worship songs.  In the middle are those who prefer “blended” worship. I don’t think that this “war” happens so much in our church, but I recently came across the following from a devotional book on worship that I have been reading. I think it gives a refreshing perspective on “The Songs of Worship.”

To worship the Lord is our primary responsibility in life. Worship is loving God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. Many of us express that worship by way of song. And over the last twenty years or so, we have witnessed a sort of worship revolution in our churches. This is due in large part to the many wonderful songwriters and singers who have delivered new expressions of worship to the platforms of our churches. Many of these songs are simply Scripture put to music, so even though the sound is new, the message is ancient and true. [emphasis added]

I encourage you today to embrace these new songs of praise, as many of them are incredibly uplifting and will speak to your heart. At the same time, I encourage you not to forsake the great, timeless songs of our faith that have touched the heart of countless souls for many generations.

These songs, both old and new, both hymn and chorus, are just one avenue through which God speaks to us and draws us closer to Him. Listen to them. Sing them. They will change your life!

from “Words on Worship: Devotions of Praise” by Charles Billingsley

As I stated above, I don’t think we have very many battles over the style of music in our church.  In fact, this past week being Easter, we enjoyed a “traditional” prelude with piano and organ, which included congregational singing of a hymn.  We also experienced worship dance and contemporary worship songs.  Then the service concluded with a “new” hymn and an “old” hymn accompanied by both piano/organ and guitar, with a pennywhistle thrown in for good measure! God’s name was praised and our hearts were touched – no matter what style of music was played!


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