More Thoughts on Perspective

September 14, 2017 Ron Sprunger comments
Sometimes it’s good to realize the importance of doing something just for the joy that brings to you.
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Finding a New Perspective

September 06, 2017 Ron Sprunger comments
We need to consider how those who follow us might view our efforts, their perspective can be very helpful.
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Eclipse the Darkness

August 23, 2017 Keith Tyson Keith Tyson comments
Christ Followers have absorbed that light and we need to shine brightly amidst the darkness of hate and hurt. Jesus told his listeners to let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. (Matthew 5:16 NIV). Our job is to shine through the darkness. Let’s eclipse the darkness and be that light shining through the shadows with dazzling brightness.
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Love Everyone, All the Time

August 14, 2017 Keith Tyson Keith Tyson comments
Pray for your own attitude, and for this hurting nation that needs Jesus more desperately than ever. This is not going to get better until the haters and the hated know their need for Jesus and receive him. Until then, we must be Jesus.
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Nuisance Calls, Click Bait, and the Real Thing

August 07, 2017 Keith Tyson Keith Tyson comments
Fake has been around for a long time and is easily detected. Christ Followers should be authentic just like the One they follow.
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Quilted Together in Love

August 02, 2017 Lori Lower comments
This message was first shared by the author at a women's event at ABC Church in May 2017. The "Crazy Quilt": a picture of God's Church made up of unique individuals called to live and follow Christ together, and love one another as Christ loves us. Are we at ABC the Crazy Quilt of Christ?
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Why I Go to Church

July 27, 2017 Jay Shifley Jay Shifley comments
In an age when information, consumer products and even Bible teaching is at our finger tips, what are the compelling reasons for becoming involved in a local church and forming relationships with God's people?
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What Is Your LQ?

July 18, 2017 Keith Tyson Keith Tyson comments
We need to be bolstering our LQ (Love Quotient) in a love starved world.
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Getting S'More of Jesus

July 11, 2017 comments
Ashland Brethren in Christ's first Vacation Bible School in over a dozen years was a big success.
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