Learning - a Life-Long Adventure

July 11, 2019 Ron Sprunger
The legacy of learning we leave as teachers, parents and adults ...
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No Sunday School for June, July & August.

June 05, 2019
Please join us at 10:30 a.m. on Sundays for our Worship Celebration.
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Our Lady in Light of Our Lord

April 16, 2019 Sheila Beach comments
“It’s just a building. That’s why we have God. A building can burn. God is eternal. A church is not the point. He is..."
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Runnin' on Empty ...

March 18, 2019 Keith Tyson Keith Tyson comments
From the desk of Pastor Keith ... what do you do when you're "runnin' on empty"?
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Dinner Church at ABC

February 27, 2019 comments
Good food, group discussion and quality childcare is on the menu ... ALL welcome!
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Children's Story at ABC

February 24, 2019 comments
We love kids at ABC! That's why we are integrating a Children's Story Time into our main Worship Service ...
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"Knotting" for MCC Connections

February 15, 2019 comments
Ladies from ABC gather twice monthly for knotting quilts and other handiwork to be sold at Mennonite Central Committee's Connections thrift store in Kidron, Ohio.
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Fuel and Focus for the Journey of Life

January 08, 2019 Ron Sprunger comments
What "fuels" you to continue to move forward in faith and hope amid a culture filled with sadness and despair. Ron Sprunger shares on what continues to fuel him ...
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Revival: Lessons in Living with Jesus

July 31, 2018 Sheila Beach comments
What is Revival and why do we need it? ...
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First Things First

June 27, 2018 Ron Sprunger comments
The inspiration of Scripture set to music ...
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What Side Are You On?

April 06, 2018 Lori Lower comments
When our worship-style preferences differ ...
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Ask And You Shall Receive And What Happens When You Don't?

February 01, 2018 Keith Tyson Keith Tyson comments
What to do when our suffering is met with silence? Where do we find God's "sufficient grace" amid our ongoing, unanswered sufferings?
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